;’I’m divorced, so Sikh males do not wish me personally’

At 27, Minreet Kaur married a guy she had met by way of a Sikh temple in west London. It turned into a tragedy, and inside a 12 months she ended up being straight back house or apartment with her moms and dads. For decade now she’s been searching for another spouse, but has now reached a bitter summary: many Sikh guys do not want to marry a divorcee.

“If you divorce me personally, you will never marry once again,” my better half shouted at me before we left him. It was said by him to harm me personally, but he knew it may grow to be real. And thus did I.

Divorce is shameful into the Sikh community, specifically for ladies.

wen the first place I ended up being ashamed myself. We felt used and dirty. Just just just How can I glance at another guy whenever I knew he’d consider me personally as utilized products?

Other folks reinforced this feeling.

My grandma in London said i ought to been employed by within my wedding, also I had been through though she knew what. Dad’s household in Asia stated these people were disappointed I was a disgrace to them that I was home. My moms and dads supported me 100% but we felt I’d let them straight straight down.

For 5 years we scarcely sought out, however in 2013 we started initially to look once more for the partner. Continue reading ‘I’m divorced, so Sikh males do not wish me personally’